A Hidden Camera That Tells You the Winning Roulette Number

Imagine if you could aim a hidden camera at a roulette wheel, and you are told by a miniature hidden speaker where the ball is likely to land. While it may sound like a fantasy, this is exactly what has been developed by a professional group of gamblers in Australia, named the genuine winner roulette system group.

Believed to be the first device of its kind anywhere, the technology has already been used throughout the world to secretly win millions. The various components to the technology involve video processing equipment that works using image and object recognition technology, similar to what is used by the military. It is capable of knowing where the wheel is at any given time, even if the hidden camera is waved around while the video is being analyzed.

The camera itself is miniature and can be hidden just about anywhere, from a watch, a bag, a shirt button, or even infrared cameras can be used to see right through clothing material to the wheel, leaving absolutely no visible trace of the hidden camera. It may sound like something out of a James Bond film, but the development team has been using it successfully and covertly for many years. They have made some of the technology available for public purchase, but have since stopped selling the technology to avoid its use becoming too widespread. The units sold for $80,000 each which may seem like an inordinately high price, but considering the investment can be made back within weeks, it is a worthy price.

The group calls it a hybrid roulette computer and claims it to be by far the most effective method to win at roulette. Given that it directly measures ball and rotor behavior, it is not surprising. Typically a roulette computer device will require the user to click hidden switches known as clocking keys. Such buttons are clicked once when the green zero passes a fixed reference point, then again when the zero passes for a second time. Then the ball is clocked each time it passes until either the quota of clicks is made, or the ball’s target speed is achieved. This is subject to various timing errors because after all, a human is taking manual timings of fast-moving objects, so it is subject to some error. The errors for such timings are typically 50 milliseconds. But with the hybrid roulette computer, the timings are reduced to approximately 5 milliseconds, which is an improvement by ten times. It can, therefore, achieve far greater accuracy than any other such device, so it is no surprise the team is no longer selling it.